Just retweeted this. I think “Human First. Always” should be your new tagline. You’re the human marketing consultant! (I stole the idea from JP Hanson’s mantra of “Strategy first, tactics later, brand always.”)

I agree generally that technology has been more of an enabler than a transformer of human nature, but I want to pick at a couple of points.

(1) The smartphone revolution is over, re your opening, but I’m not convinced the digital one is. How to deal with digital is a consistent pain point with our employers — It’s so consistent I’m thinking of getting a parrot. A revolution isn’t over until people don’t think about it anymore. I think we’re there with smartphones; they’re like the oxygen we only notice when we can’t get service. Businesses are not there with digital yet.

(2) Shops are about buying things but . . . they’re also about going out and doing something, often with friends. And about being part of the world, e.g., at Christmas, being out among the crowds, breathing in the season. I think the retail CX movement is a sensible competitive response to Amazon and the like. When you can order everything from your couch, what gets you off your couch? You’re not going to win on price and breadth of assortment. Experience is the physical attribute online has a hard time imitating.

A practical business professor musing on marketing and management from his not quite ivory tower. Writings do not represent the views of Northeastern University

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